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Trip to Galapagos Islands

This page offers some (well, okay—a lot of) tips that you might find useful in thinking about what to pack and what to bring with you. When we were planning this trip, I searched the Internet high and low for experience-based information and came up empty, time and time again. When we got back from the trip, I vowed I would write up what I could about our experiences, in case someone else is looking for this kind of information. These suggestions are just what worked for us; your results may vary. But hopefully, something here may get you thinking about aspects of your trip. Some of these may seem very obvious, especially to well-seasoned travelers. But we are not that, as this series of pages will quickly demonstrate! You could of course just read it all, page by page. But here is a list of the topics by page number; in case you want to skip directly to topics that interest you.

  • travel health considerations (p. 2)
  • clothes (p. 2)
  • shoes, socks, and hats (p. 2)
  • sunblock and bug spray (p. 3)
  • motion sickness remedies (p. 3)
  • cameras (p. 3)
  • cash (p. 4)
  • luggage (p. 4)
  • miscellanea
  • hiking stick (p. 5)
  • day pack (p. 5)
  • snacks (p. 5)
  • snorkel gear (p. 5)
  • binoculars (p. 5)
  • sunglasses and other eyewear (p. 5)
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    Galapagos Islands
    Galapagos Islands
    Trip to the Galapagos Islands with Midland Travel
    Trip to the Galapagos Islands with Midland Travel
    Trip- to the Galapagos islands
    Trip- to the Galapagos islands
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