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We believe in the importance of sharing and exploring the fascinating diversity that each and every corner of our planet holds in an exclusive and responsible manner. We have been generating outstanding experiencesthroughout the world for over 20 years, and we are proud to continue exploring.

Our goal is to offer a personalized service that exceeds the expectations of each and every one of our travelers; we want to make a difference in the travel industry. We work with, and support exchange programs and communities in different parts of our diverse Ecuador with the aim to share our beautiful country with the world, and the world with Ecuador.

We own and operate 3 fantastic travel products that offer an amazing experience and unparalleled service in 2 spectacular destinations in Ecuador:

In the Yasuni National Park, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and witch according to scientific studies is the most biologically diverse region in the world; we have two incredible river cruises. Our newest addition launched late 2013 the Anakonda Amazon Cruises, and of course our legendary boat the Manatee Amazon Explorer.

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise is the only luxury ship in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. It was built to make the experience of the Amazon the most comprehensive and unique adventure possible! Its eighteen suites feature ample sitting areas, large and comfortable beds. The vessel comes complete with an expansive observation deck, outdoor Jacuzzi and an al fresco lounge, ideal for cocktails, relaxation, reading or simply enjoying the spectacular view.

The vessel also features 3 canoes for guest transportation to land excursions and activities and 10 kayaks, as well as hammocks, naturalist tour leaders and a travel concierge, who will go out of his way to personalize your experience, making the Anakonda Amazon River Cruise a savory, unforgettably exciting treat!

On the other hand, The Manatee Amazon Explorer combines adventure and comfort. This 27-meter-long (90 feet) Mississippi-style riverboat is a unique way to explore the Napo River. The Manatee Amazon Explorer was specially built for travel in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, offering fourteen double cabins with air conditioning, private bathrooms and hot water. On board you’ll find a spacious dining room, a comfortable bar and lounge, and a sun terrace.

We also own a Hotel in Machalilla National Park; one of the most outstanding examples of Tropical Dry Forest in the Ecuadorian coast.Mantaraya Lodge located on the beautiful Manabi coast, offers guests the pleasure of spending time on its spectacular property and enjoying close-encounter excursions with the diverse flora and fauna of the area, as well as interaction with local communities.

Our products are certified by Smart Voyager and Rainforest Alliance, which guarantees a sustainable and environmentally responsible operation, without compromising the comfort of our high-quality service. We are also current members of organizations recognized both nationally and internationally such as LATA, USTOA, IATA and OPTUR.

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