Ecuador requires visas of

Visa for Ecuador from US

Ecuador issues two types of visas: Non- Immigrant and Immigrant (Residence) Visas.

Non-Immigrant Visas Categories are issued by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Relations located at Carrion 10-40 and Ave. 10 de Agosto, Quito. Tel: 593-2-299-3284 or 593-2-299-3285.

Non-Immigrant visas are as follows:

  • 12:I – Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations
  • 12:II – Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations
  • 12:III
  • 12:IV – Asylum and refugee
  • 12:V – Study
  • 12:VI – Work
  • 12:VII – Volunteer Religious Missionaries
  • 12:VIII – Cultural Exchange
  • 12:IX – Business
  • 12:X – Tourism

Detailed information and requirements is available at the following link:

Immigrant Visas are issued by the “Dirección General de Extranjería” located at Gaspar de Villaroel E10-288 y 6 de Diciembre (Edificio Karina, Planta Baja), Quito. Tel: 593-2–225-3082

Immigrant (Residence) visas are as follows:

  • 9- I – Retirees
  • 9-II – Stock holders or Real State Investmet
  • 9-III – Investment in Industry, Agriculture, Livestock, or Export Trade
  • 9-IV – General Representative, Indefinite Work Contract, Clergy
  • 9-V – Professionals
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How to receive non resident visa for 180 days in Ecuador
How to receive non resident visa for 180 days in Ecuador ...
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