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Where is Galapagos Islands on the World Map?

The Republic of Ecuador is situated at the northwest part of South America bordered by Peru in the south and the east, Colombia in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the west. The Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean are part of Ecuador’s territory. Ecuador is the seventy fourth largest country of the world covering a total area of 283, 561 sq. km. including the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Island shares its border with Cocos Island of Costa Rica. It is also the place where Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was born and is also considered a UNESCO”S World Heritage Site.

Ecuador is home to thousands of species of Butterflies, birds, reptiles and Plants. This country experiences tropical to sub-tropical climate. Culturally Spanish tradition defines Ecuador’s cultural tone. Economically Ecuador is the eighth largest economy of Latin America. Quito is the capital city of the country and Guayaquil is its largest city.

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Facts About Ecuador

Country Name Ecuador
Continent South America
Capital Quito
Largest city Guayaquil
Area 283, 560a km2 ( 109, 484 sq mi ) Water (%) 5
Population 15, 223, 680 (2011 Est.)
Lat Long 0.1500° S, 78.3500° W
Official Language Spanish
Calling Code +593
Time Zone ECT / GALT (UTC−5 / −6)
Airport Total – 35, 9- Airports Scheduled service
Neighbour countries South America, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica
Internet TLD

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Crisis on the Galapagos Islands!
Crisis on the Galapagos Islands!
Protecting the Galapagos Islands
Protecting the Galapagos Islands
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