Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos on a Map

Annotation1As many know, CartoDB’s commitment to elevating efforts in conservation, climate change, and the environment has shaped our practice and given way to many exciting mapping projects such as the creative and impressive Carbon Calculator and the Global Forest Watch Map that allows users to monitor deforestation in real time.

Recently, we came across a very interesting case-study article in conservation and invasive species mitigation published by the international weekly journal of science, Nature. The article, titled Invasive species: The 18-km2 rat trap and authored by Henry Nicholls, depicts a narrative of passionate and dedicated conservation through invasive species eradication (specifically rats) in the Galapagos archipelago off of the Ecuadorian mainland coast. As the article states: “The rodents feed on the eggs and young of seabirds, land birds and reptiles, and have brought several species — including the rare Pinzón giant tortoise (Chelonoidisduncanensis) — to the brink of extinction…[the effort] promises to allow unique species to flourish again and, building on the prior removal of feral pigs and goats from much of the archipelago, to make Ecuador a world leader in the eradication of invasive species”.

Map Annotations

The CartoDB Rat Race Map serves as a wonderful example of just how CartoDB can be used in journalism, planning, and information design in a broad sense. One of the key features of this map is the annotation styling that allows any CartoDB user to place text information directly related to specific Geo-spatial locations on the map. This often overlooked built in feature offers versatile labeling capabilities that anyone can use!

This is how it works:

In the upper left hand side of your CartoDB visualization editor (not the table editor), There is an option to “Add Element”. This drop down menu contains CartoDB’s built in capabilities for labels, text boxes, images and annotations.

Clicking on add annotation item, generates a movable element that attaches itself to the geographic location on the map. This feature remains fixed on the specific latitude and longitude and moves with them map, unlike the label, text, and image options.

The built in styling interface allows for your annotations to be fully customizable and comes with a wide range of features to get the most out of your maps.

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Istražite ostrva Galapagos sa Google Maps aplikacijom
Istražite ostrva Galapagos sa Google Maps aplikacijom
Hd: Magnifying Glass Showing Ecuador On The Map Stock
Hd: Magnifying Glass Showing Ecuador On The Map Stock ...
0331a-Voronoi MAP-Galapagos
0331a-Voronoi MAP-Galapagos
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