The Galapagos Islands are a

Galapagos Islands Tours

Today we take to the water to get our last glimpse of the famous and equally incredible underwater world of Galapagos. First we’ll cruise along the coast in our boat where our Local Guide will point out the species of shore birds like the Great Frigatebird and other native species.
We begin our stay in search of wildlife and then we are off to Kicker Rock (or Leon Dormido as it’s known by the locals) the remains of a tuff cone - Kicker Rock rising a massive over 143m out of the ocean (that's about 50 floors in building terms).
We’ll check out the underwater landscape as we head along the edge and through a channel of this drastic compact ash formation. Your Local Guide will keep you in the know as we look out for sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, chocolate chip starfish, and, with any luck, a Galapagos Shark or two. Don’t worry, they won’t be as interested in you as you are in them, so it's perfectly safe.
Later we’ll head to Puerto Grande, a beautiful beach which is our final stop for the day. After lunch on board, spend your time swimming in the turquoise water or snapping photos of Kicker Rock in the distance. We’ll head back to town late afternoon where we'll be treated to one of the best BBQ’s in the Galapagos at one of the local’s favorite spots to celebrate a great Galapagos trip.

Day 5: Hotel Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner

  • Boat cruise & off shore bird spotting experience
  • Explore Kicker Rock
  • Indulge in our Galapagos BBQ feast
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Galapagos Islands Dolphins - video tour
Galapagos Islands Dolphins - video tour
The Galapagos Islands - Video Tour Part 10
The Galapagos Islands - Video Tour Part 10
Galapagos Islands, Part I, Land Tour; Autumn, 2008
Galapagos Islands, Part I, Land Tour; Autumn, 2008
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