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To me it makes sense to provide multiple options of tourism in a country like Ecuador because you can find “everything” in one small area. I don’t believe there is another country in the world that is as capable as Ecuador when it comes to providing the same kind of opportunities to travel and explore. For me, my favorite destinations in Ecuador include La Selva Jungle Lodge and the Galapagos Islands.

My ultimate vision is to offer tourism at a higher standard and quality for the demanding tourist who is willing to pay just a tad more for the right product. Apart from this, it is also our goal to offer an eco-friendly tourism service that will benefit Ecuador as a whole.

Luisa Córdova

Tourism is my passion! I have been working with Kjetil Haugan and Columbus travel since 1997 and I have witnessed how this once, small company has grown thanks to the commitment and dedication that each one of us puts in daily. I hope we can deliver a part of this passion and love to you that we share for Ecuador and make your tour a once in a life time experience.

Ivonne Zumárraga

When I was in high-school, I always wanted to become an architect and design houses and home interiors. But destiny had other plans for me, and I studied Tourism Administration at the university and now I design “dreams and experiences” for travelers, which I actually think is much better and more satisfying. I started studying tourism as a hobby, and I fell in love with my beautiful country, Ecuador. What started as a hobby became my life’s vocation.

Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Thanks to my career, I had the opportunity to visit a lot of destinations around Ecuador, observe the wonders of each one, learn different cultural aspects... and I definitely learned new ways of seeing things! Without doubt, the great biodiversity and the breath-taking nature sceneries we can find in the Galapagos Islands are my favorite things that I have seen so far, and I will always recommend our clients to not miss this destination.

Sales Department

María Soledad

I believe that every time we travel somewhere new we grow, and I honestly love to be part of it. I am passionate about what I do, not only for the opportunity to meet new people but actually to have the chance to create a once in a lifetime experience for them. After all, most of us travel to different and far away destinations only once, and I want to be the person to make Ecuador and Peru unforgettable. If I had to choose one destination as my favorite, I would have to say that the Galapagos Islands hold a special place in my heart, and once you see them you will definitely feel the same way.

Francisco Vela

I chose to work in the tourism industry in my home country because I’ve always enjoyed exploring the many wonders that Ecuador has to offer! I have always felt great pride about our natural and cultural beauty and our resources, which I am thrilled to be able to share with the world as a Certified Destination Expert!

I particularly love the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle due to its mysterious beauty and amazing abundance of nature.

Pablo Rea

I have been traveling in Ecuador since I was a child, but I discovered that it was what I wanted to do for a living after a trip showed me that traveling is what I really love. When I graduated from high school, I planned to go abroad to discover the world. While traveling, I understood that my passion would be found in showing other people the wonders of my own country.

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