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Mountains in Ecuador

Ecuador’s highlands are especially alluring to many expats thanks to their mild climate and cultural atmosphere. Weather in this part of the Andes is often referred to as “eternal spring” and produce is grown year-round. Native Kichwa peoples continue to practice their age-old traditions while colonial architecture adds a reminder of the Spanish influence over Latin America.

  1. Vilcabamba: Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Set in what is known as “The Valley of Longevity, ” Vilcabamba has a bohemian vibe and is a magnet for the health conscious. The valley’s nickname comes from the many locals who have claimed to be 100 years of age or more. Though the validity of these claims is debatable, the fact remains that this area of Ecuador is ideal for those seeking a healthier way of living.

The fertile soil is perfect for those who enjoy growing their own food and weather extremes are unheard of with the temperature ranging between 65 F and 80 F. The scenery here is a balm for mental and spiritual health with more than one artist and musician finding their muse in this former “playground of the Incas.”

  1. Cuenca: Ecuador’s Most Popular Expat Destination

Ecuador’s third largest city is well-known for its grand colonial structures and the four rivers that roll through. Cuenca offers many big-city offerings yet holds a manageable population of around 350, 000 residents. Everything from symphonies to art exhibits to fine dining can be enjoyed in Cuenca and often at a small percentage of what it would cost in North America.

You won’t lack for things to do in this city with entertainment, social activities, and volunteer opportunities everywhere you look. By far the most popular expat destination in Ecuador, Cuenca is a good option for those looking for a mix of the new with a touch of the familiar.

  1. Baños: A Tourist Hotspot with Thermal Springs

Baños means “baths” in Spanish and this town earns its name from the thermal springs located within the town. These springs draw visitors from all over the world and Baños has become a tourist hotspot in the Andes.

This mountain village is just right for those with an adventurous spirit. Mountain biking, trekking, zip lining, and bungee jumping are just a few of the activities available. Nearby, the active volcano, Tungurahua, often provides displays of pyrotechnics. This could be just the spot for those who like a little action or just the raw beauty of nature.

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amusement park at bottom of mountain in quito ecuador
amusement park at bottom of mountain in quito ecuador
Riding through a mountain in Ecuador
Riding through a mountain in Ecuador
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