Ecuador Tourist board

The Ecuador Ministry of Tourism has one official Travel Guide to Ecuador & Galapagos Islands on is the official site, written by english writers and it´s and improvement from the old one, has 99 destinations to discover, what to do, how to get there and map of attractions is by far more useful than the old one..

The Ministry, as yet, does not fund any overseas offices, so you can't go to an office in a foreign city. Your next best bet is the Ecuadorian embassy or consulate which might have some material to help you.

In Quito, the Ministry is located at the corner of Eloy Alfaro and Carlos Tobar, across from the Parque Carolina. Although you can call them, you probably won't get much sense out of anyone, particularly if your Spanish isn't good. It's best to jump on a bus or in a taxi and go to see them. They have lots of information and there are staff there that speak good English.

For information about Quito and its surroundings, the Quito Visitors' Bureau has an office in the Mariscal district, in Plaza Gabriela Mistral, and in the Old Town, at Garcia Moreno and Mejia (with a nice souvenir store, too). Their website is

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