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Amazon rainforest tours

Travel to the lungs of the earth; vibrant, lush & pulsing with life

An Amazon rainforest tour is a great way to extend your Galapagos trip. This offers you the opportunity to experience a completely different environment and culture. Add just 4 to 5 days onto your total trip in a comfortable and remote Amazon rainforest lodge.

Ecuadorian rainforest is easy to access

A short spectacular flight from Quito plus a couple of hours in a motor canoe and you can be nestled into the Ecuadorian Amazon. Explore with local guides and learn about the indigenous rainforest way of life.

Choose your level of comfort, activity and trip length

If you have less than 4 days to add onto your Galapagos trip consider a couple of days in the Cloud forest or the Andes instead of the Amazon.

With more than 4-5 days to add onto your Galapagos trip you might consider a trip to Machu Picchu and the Peruvian Amazon.

Things to do in the Amazon rainforest
Quick facts about the Amazon rainforest
  • Bird and wildlife viewing/photography
  • Hiking, whitewater rafting, paddling
  • Travel by dugout canoe
  • Night walks
  • Visit parrot, macaw and parakeet clay licks
  • Climbing 150 feet high into a giant tree to a canopy observation tower
  • Learn from local indigenous people about their relationship with the natural world, medicinal plants and daily life in the rainforest.
  • Fishing
  • Relax in a hammock with animal sounds all around
  • The rivers are the local highways of the rainforest. Once you get to the Amazon region you will travel to your destination in paddle and/or motor canoes.
  • Temperatures in the Amazon rainforest in general average highs of 75-90F/ 24-32C and lows of 55-70F/ 13-21C depending on the region.
  • Average rainfall in the Amazon rainforest is 6 or more inches per month depending on particular region and time of year.
  • It rains in the rainforest year round though there are times of the year when it is less wet. The Amazon basin of South America has varying micro climates since it is a huge area stretching across 7 countries.
Advantages of being in the rainforest during the wetter months
  • Smaller tributaries are open and clear for easy canoe travel
  • Wildlife tends to be more active and easier to spot
  • There tend to be less other travelers
  • Better season for lodge based accommodations vs camping
Advantages of doing a rainforest tour during the drier months
  • Drier conditions for hiking on trails
  • More light for photography
  • In drier conditions there is typically more bird life at clay licks
  • Flowering plant species more readily available to see, especially in the shoulder season

Contact us to learn more about adding an Amazon rainforest extension to your Galapagos islands journey.

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Summer Adventure Tours and Amazon Adventure Programs
Galapagos, Amazon Rainforest & Day Tours with Carpedm team ;)
Galapagos, Amazon Rainforest & Day Tours with Carpedm team ;)
Amazon and Galapagos 2012
Amazon and Galapagos 2012
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