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Galapagos Islands, South America

Galapagos Islands - South AmericaMap of the Galapagos

Yes, I want to see the glassy water and the burgeoning active life under the sea! Understanding the oceans is a journey we all should be taking. There are life patterns and mysteries to explore in the waters around the Galapagos Islands. I have never quite understood the focus on cosmic exploration with our oceans so close, accessible and with so little known about the life our oceans hold.
I have about 200 items on my bucket list however since 2007, the Galapagos Islands along with Michu Picchu have been number one on my list of places that would be life changing to visit. Part of my bucket list is to be intensely active and enjoy these experiences with my 13 year old daughter. I want her to know that seeing new things changes your perspective on life, makes your soul soar and gives one new understanding of the world and its complexities. I want her to bond with nature and have memories of moments that take her breath away because the world is more grand in its abundance. I would love to write about the nature and sights we see, the science behind some of the sights we see and to add the perspective of having family adventures and the perspective of a teen exploring her world.

If I am voted as the blogger for this adventurer I hope to answer your questions and make the blogging interactive. Here are a few of the questions I would love to be able to answer and share the information with you:
What is the current research at the Darwin research Center focused on?
How are the oceans holding up and the animals in that area as compared to 20 years ago in that same area?
What species live around the Galapagos Islands that are not well known to most people?
What are the personalities of some of the sea turtles on the island?
What does the Galapagos Island sound like?
What are the issues the Galapagos Island is dealing with that may be impacting this area (i.e. changes in plant and animal life, habitat or economic influences)?

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Around South America with Nat Geo Adventure
Around South America with Nat Geo Adventure
GALÁPAGOS WATERS : South America Trip!
"GALÁPAGOS WATERS": South America Trip!
5 Months in South America
5 Months in South America
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