Classic Galapagos: The Natural

Tours to The Galápagos Islands

Round-trip flights on major carriers; Comfortable motorcoach; Internal flights; Boat


8 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms (11 with extension)

Regional-style meals

Breakfast and dinner daily in Quito; 3 meals daily on the Galápagos Islands

Guided sightseeing

2 sightseeing tours led by your Tour Director


Santo Domingo Monastery; Intinan Museum; Charles Darwin Research Station

Full-time Tour Director

Your culturally connected Tour Director is with your group 24/7, providing deep local insight while handling all on-tour logistics.

Expert Local Guides

Your expert local guides are natural historians, adding cultural insight and global perspective on your sightseeing tours.

weShare—accredited learning

Our online learning platform engages students in activities before, during and after tour, with the option to create a final project for academic credit.

Continuous Support

Your dedicated EF team helps you every step of the way—from recruiting and enrolling travelers to planning and managing your tour.

Worldwide Presence

EF has over 500 schools and offices in more than 50 countries worldwide so wherever you go, we're there too.

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The Galapagos Islands Tour Video Part 1
The Galapagos Islands Tour Video Part 1
Galapagos Islands travel: Johns slideshow of Quito and the
Galapagos Islands travel: Johns slideshow of Quito and the
Galapagos Tour - The Galapagos Islands 13
Galapagos Tour - The Galapagos Islands 13
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