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Galapagos Islands capital

Galapagos Island Capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, You can enjoy charming beaches and stunning landscapes here.

galapagos island capital

Yes, you got it! it is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno located on San Cristobal Island.

The majority of our visitors do not know that the Islands have a permanent population. Many find surprising the Islands have two national airports, plus another one on Isabela Island.

But, all visitors are somewhat shocked to find out that about 20, 000 people live here.

This sends out another message too: the Islands don't cover a small area in the tropical East Pacific (they in fact, are scattered over an area of 21, 000 square miles).

The population is distributed in four Islands, (San Cristobal, Isabela, Santa Cruz and Floreana) and holds the Islands' provincial capital: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

Currently, it is estimated that the population of this island is about 5, 000 inhabitants. The local airport is located just five minutes from the dock.

It has permanent service, and the drivers of both buses and taxis are very courteous and cooperative.

An important communications infrastructure is found here, where some Internet cafes, can give you contact with the world.

There's also a bank (Banco del Pacífico) where national and international transactions can be arranged. The bank also operates an ATM machine.

The hotel/services area is in current development, and it is likely that within the next five years we see a new trend here.

It will be quite attractive for you to see how large the colony is here, but more so, because how they interact with human activities.

The beautiful nearby beaches are also a highlight and it's a must to visit them.

The most important visitor sites include the Interpretation Center, El Junco Lagoon, La Loberia, Cerro Las Tijeretas, and of course, La Galapaguera, a place to understand the natural history of giant tortoises.

You will experience that Sunsets at the harbor can be quite rewarding, too.

During the temporary closure of the Baltra airport, Galapagos island capital "Puerto Baquerizo Moreno" has proven to be a location full of great options, and certainly identified with the operational needs of

Galapagos Island capital (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) is place worth visiting, and where you will surely have an adventure that will last for a lifetime.

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