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Trips to Galapagos Islands

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  • Group Camaraderie
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  • Once in a Lifetime Experience
  • Well Organized Itinerary

We had three course meals nearly every lunch and dinner, with quite excellent local food.

There seemed to be plenty of wildlife to see on the islands and in the water. Marine iguanas, tortoises, sea lions, rays, sea turtles, a lot of fish, whales, penguins, blue-footed birds; I didn't feel that a lack of wildlife was an issue.

The pacing of activity vs downtime was nearly perfect for us; maybe a bit easier than expected. Most days, you have a few hours to relax by yourself, and otherwise you'd be traveling or doing activities.

The accommodations had a lot of character and were pretty nice. There was a bit of an issue with hot water if other people were using the showers at the same time, but the water would still be warm.

We had a good time talking with the other tour group members while in the van and in the evenings.

  • Why Did You Choose to Travel with REI Adventures?:
  • Active Adventures, All the Details Planned for Me, Commitment to Sustainability, Destination, I Liked the Itinerary
  • Why did you choose this trip?:
  • I was looking for a good honeymoon option, and this hit all the points I was looking for. A relatively exotic location that neither of us had been to, but still stress free due to a guide and REI's reputation. A trip that had a lot of variety in activity and sights.
  • What was the highlight of your trip?:
  • We flew in a small plane, snorkeling, a short hike, and biking on a trail, all in one day. The great variety of sights and activities was a lot of fun, and it was my first introduction to mountain biking. There were so many animals.
  • What would be your advice to potential travelers?:
  • If you do your own laundry, it was sometimes necessary to turn on air conditioning to dry out clothes due to humidity. Wet suit rental selection wasn't always great; some people ended up several sizes off. Arrive in Quito a couple of days early to adjust to the elevation and visit Old Town.
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Photo and video trip to the Galapagos Islands
Photo and video trip to the Galapagos Islands
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