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Locations of Ecuador in South America

Information about Ecuador

Surf Ecuador - Quick Facts
LOCATION: South America, West Coast
POPULATION: 15250000
LANGUAGE: Spanish / Quechua

The Republic of Ecuador is a wonderful country. Fly into it's capital city, Quito, and head for the coast. Although it's one of the smaller countries in South America, it has a 2, 337 km of coastline. Ecuador is bordered by Columbia to the north, and Peru to the east and south.

Ecuador Surfing Info and Details

Ecuador Surf Spots Map

Browse the Ecuador surf map above. Please add any spots you've visited (no secrets!).

Ecuador is a fantastic country and worth a visit whether surfing or not, but if you are looking at this site then it is the surfing that you'll be interested in. As with most countries in South America, there are many good quality waves just waiting to be surfed. Ecuador receives plenty of small swells during it's two main surf seasons and has the added bonus of warmer water due to the Panama Current. Ecuador really lights up in a big swell - but unfortunately this does not happen very often, and many of the northern surf spots only really start to get good once they are double overhead. During the months over Christmas, Ecuador gets the tail of the Hawaiian swells which makes the points north of the town of Salinas work, so if you want sizeable surf then look to head out at this time of year.

Being exposed to both north and south swells ensures that there is plenty of surf to be had, and with surf regularly in the 2 - 6ft+ region during the offshore November to March surf season, makes Ecuador an ideal surf vacation location.

The fact that it is incredibly cheap also makes the trip more viable. Top Ecuador waves to look out for are Shark Bay, El Pelado and Ecuador's longest wave, La Posada.

Punta Carnero has some of the best surfing in South America. A 2, 800 meter beach that is pristine with fantastic waves and National Geographic natural beauty! Punta Carnero is five stars for surfing!

Surfing Ecuador - The Good
Calm Winds
Uncrowded Surf Easy To Find
Very Very Cheap

Surf Ecuador - The Bad and the Ugly
Lack Of Heavy Waves
Rainy Winter Season

Ecuador Surfing Conditions

Ecuador Swell Size and Ecuador Water Temperature

If you have information on surfing in Ecuador we would like to know. Keep in mind, the Galapagos has it's own page. Post your Ecuador surf camp experiences, surf spots and photos.

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