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After 100 years of dwindling birth populations, attacks by invasive species, and heavy casualties from fishing and whaling, baby tortoises were found born in the Galapagos Islands. This is huge news for a species that has been struggling to survive for a century, relying on humans raising young tortoises bred in captivity until they are large enough to not fall prey to rats and predators. Finding naturally born young is evidence that conservation efforts are helping rebuild the islands ecosystem, which has been damaged, possibly irrevocably, since the 17th century.

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Rats have been the biggest threat to the tortoise population since their accidental introduction to the island via ships infested with them. The rats root out nests and eat the eggs and newborns of numerous island species, hurting more than just the tortoise population. Thankfully, the island of Pinzón, home to the newborn tortoises, was declared rat-free in 2012, and the results are already showing.

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Adam G.Since The Rainforest Site began in 2000, together we have funded the protection and preservation of more than 41, 000 acres of rainforest habitat. Your daily click and your Rainforest Site store purchases, combined with those of many others from around the world, have helped protect vital parts of these ancient, complex ecosystems like those in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and other locations worldwide.

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