Galapagos Travel reviews


Overall Trip Review

Good activities, excellent lodging, and good food.

Accommodation Review

Nice places chosen. It would have been nice to have 2 nights in places, rather than moving every day.

Crew & Guides Review

Tomas, the trip leader was exceptional. Great guide, knowledgeable in all areas, great sense of humor. attentive to our needs and his English was superb. Arturo, our driver was very good, pleasant. Kept the van in good condition.


The trip was amazing. We were very happy overall. William, our city guide in Guayaquil was excellent. We had a private tour of the city and he was very informative and accommodating. We learned a lot about Ecuador and its history.

Accommodations Review

The M/Y Eric accommodations were excellent. The boat was spotlessly clean and the crew was excellent. Our stay at the Hotel Oro Verde was a little mixed. On the way back we were on a remodeled floor and the room was excellent. It was probably the nicest shower I have ever been in. On the way out we were in an older room that was just ok. It was shabby and the air conditioner did not work the best.

Meals Review

The meals on the M/Y/ Eric were excellent. Lots of well-prepared meals and snacks. The cooks were very good about any special dietary needs that passengers had. Would recommend them to anyone who has any special food needs.

The guides were great and very professional. They were knowledgeable and excited about the islands and wildlife. One of guides was Orlando, who is apparently famous in the naturalist set. He and is fellow guide, Renninger, were both good. We did have one incident with Rennie where he had tourists help him chase a sea lion who had a rope around its neck. They had the best intentions of trying to help the sea lion, but we did feel it was a bit irresponsible to have tourists in the water try to chase down a sea lion. No harm was done, so it all worked out well.

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