Top historic sites in Ecuador

Sites in Ecuador

This is an adventure of a couple experiencing Ecuador to ensure their love of the country before relocating from the United States.

A single retired man's life living in Cuenca, Ecuador!

My story of retiring in Cuenca, Ecuador, getting residency and finding an apartment etc!

This blog follows the development an eco-tourism project in a remote part of NW Ecuador near the town of la Merced de Buenos Aires.

My life in Cotacachi, Ecuador sharing what I'd want to know if I had a friend living abroad.

Information for expats traveling or moving to Cuenca Ecuador.

Discover Quito Ecuador with Frank and Angie! Trek through superb shopping malls, journey off the beaten path, and enjoy the purity and beauty of Quito and its people!

Photos, Maps, Hotel, Real Estate and Activity information for every beach in Ecuador.

Blog features photos, facts, and observations about Ecuador as I explore it as retirement option

Non-commercial resources in English for Ecuador expats

Everything you want to know about retiring to Ecuador. This is a top 10 site in Ecuador.

Juan and David, 50 something gay couple leaving South Florida for a new life in Cuenca.

Life of a retired expat couple in Ecuador

We are Scottish-Ecuadorian family living in Cuenca - follow our travels, posts on living in Ecuador as well as it's food and culture.

Usually hilarious, sometimes insightful, always entertaining observations and experiences of new expats adjusting to life in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Follow the adventures of a traveling ESL teacher.

Ramblings of a retired Canadian police officer.

Bahia de Caraquez, widely reguarded as Ecuadors cleanest coastal city. A comprehensive look updated in January 2012.

Quito is the Capital, right on the Equator, at 9, 350 ft. (1.77 miles) above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains, where the weather is 50's in the evening, and 70's during the day all year round. Valley of Eternal Springtime!

Our Exit to Cuenca Ecuador with commentary and photos.

A blog and a website about living and travelling in Ecuador.

We (Liliya and Leo) are two transplants from US, residing in Quito. Our blog is about life in Quito.

Wanderer and Teacher arrives in Ecuador, looks around, scratches his head, tries to make sense of it all.

We're "REPACKING OUR BAGS" and heading for Cuenca. This is our story!

We're "repacking our bags" and heading for Cuenca. This is our story!

Every corner of the market in Plaza de Ponchos is crammed with color, interesting designs, and crafts created with skill.

Expat life in Ecuador blog. I first wanted to eventually retire south of the border in 1998 but in Cozumel, Mexico. Lately Mexico looks dangerous, and expensive. Then I looked at Ecuador about a year ago, specifically Cuenca and I was hooked. I got here a week ago without ever visiting first. I got an apartment after six days here. I love it and couldn’t be happier.

My husband and I travelled for 1 year to several countries, Italy, Ecuador, Panama.... This blog contains leaving our 11 year home in Arizona after finally retiring in April 2011, returning to our home country Canada for several weeks and finally spending 3 months exploring Italy, 6 months exploring Ecuador and then on to Panama. Our year is now finished and after spending the summer of 2012 at home gathering our papers for residency, we are now back in Ecuador.

Life along the coastal area of Manabi Ecuador through the scribblings and photography of an artist!

This is a Facebook group called; Real Ecuador Expats Uncensored. It was formed since the other two facebook groups are highly PC, and censored.

Two free-wheeling retirees evaluate a change from full-time RVing to living in Ecuador.

This blog chronicles our recent scouting trip to the Ecuador coast and relocation to Salinas!

My journey from the U.S. to retirement in Ecuador

People and places that have made Ecuador home for a wandering soul from the States for the last two years.

NYC to Panama to life as an expat.

Retire in Ecuador
Retire in Ecuador
Ingapirca ruins - Inca site of Cuenca Ecuador
Ingapirca ruins - Inca site of Cuenca Ecuador
Site seeing in Quito, Ecuador
Site seeing in Quito, Ecuador
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