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Galapagos Islands attractions

Snorkeling in the Galapagos IslandsExperience the Galapagos on the M/V Galapagos Legend

The main reason most visitors from around the world travel to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, is to experience the unique archipelago and its endemic flora and fauna. Therefore, we have designed the cruises and tour programs in such a way that they allow you to enjoy the Galapagos from different perspectives; guided hikes, relaxing beach walks, snorkeling, swimming and much more! The islands are visited daily and always involve leisurely hikes and small groups; led by your own multilingual naturalist guide. The professional guides, speak up to five languages (Spanish, English, German, French and Italian), allowing you to experience close encounters with nature in the Galapagos Islands, "in your own native language!"

Galapagos Snorkeling

Briefing by a naturalist guide, Galapagos Legend cruiseVisitors' may experience the wonders of the Galapagos' pristine marine reserve any day of the year. Take the dive. It's an experience of a lifetime! During your standard one week long Galapagos adventure cruise, you will have ample time to snorkel on average of about 3 or 4 occasions. The Galapagos offer some of the best snorkeling opportunities in the world.

Galapagos Whale Watching

On season, the magnificent Galapagos Islands offer great opportunities for whale watching! Make sure to ask for a wake-up call the night before, so you may observe, for as long as possible, the spectacular world of these kind nature giants!

Galapagos Conference and Briefings

The vessel's category #3 multilingual naturalist guides will present scientific conferences and other nature discussions that will enhance your knowledge of the Galapagos Islands. The conference room is ideal for businesses looking for a new destination to have a yearly function or incentive trip to launch a new product. The conference facilities hold all occupants of the Galapagos Legend ship, in one seating.

Nightly Stargazing in the Galapagos

Horseback riding in EcuadorThe Galapagos Archipelago features beautiful and mostly cloudless skies during most parts of the year. The Galapagos Islands are located on the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian coast, away from the lights of the large cities. In the Galapagos, you are far away from the lights' reflections from the skies of the big cities. This is an excellent way to enjoy the dazzling display from the bright stars, as they dance with terrific brilliance across the Islands' magical night sky.

Galapagos Shore Excursions Highlights

Baltra Island - All passengers taking cruises on the M/V Galapagos Legend and the Coral yachts start and end their Galapagos adventure at the airport on Baltra island.

Espanola (Hood) - Espanola is home to the famous "blowhole", one of the Galapagos Islands' highlights! Besides the sea lion colonies, this is a very important site for bird watching.

Floreana (Charles) - The greatest attractions of Floreana are the Devil's Crown and Punta Cormorant. Visitors may also hike from the black mangrove beds to a large brackish lagoon, which holds one of the biggest flamingo populations in the Galapagos.

Santa Cruz (Indefatigable) - This very important island is home of the famous Charles Darwin Research Station. Also, of great interest to visitors, are the giant tortoise breeding pens..

Santiago (James) - Most of the island's vegetation is tuff-stone layers and lava flows. This is a great island for snorkeling and swimming amongst the playful Galapagos sea life.

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Five Things to do in the Galapagos Islands
Five Things to do in the Galapagos Islands
Tortuga Bay, Santa Cruz Island - Galapagos
Tortuga Bay, Santa Cruz Island - Galapagos
Galapagos Fur Seals at Puerto Egas_ Galapagos Islands.
Galapagos Fur Seals at Puerto Egas_ Galapagos Islands.
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